For those who live in the Shawnee on the Delaware, PA area that are looking for painters for your next home project, search no more. The experienced team at Vintage Professional Painting works on both interior and exterior painting projects. Our house painters can do complete interior or exterior renovations. Our house painters can be trusted to do quality, professional work in your home, and all within a reasonable time-frame at a cost you can afford.

Vintage Professional Painting has been helping people from all walks of life in Shawnee on the Delaware with all types of paint-work including historic homes, new construction, renovations and additions. We’ve meticulously finished many projects, all with the highest satisfaction ratings. We help our customers in most all areas of paint and stain work, working regualarly with all types of finishes and a complete range of painting application techniques.

Meticulous House Painters

With over 30 years of painting experience in the Marshall’s Creek area, we have earned an excellent reputation. The testimonials on our website together with the pictures on our Gallery page speak to not only the high quality of workmanship but also the way we value our customers. We can complete your job reliably and quickly remaining in open communication with you. Our integrity assures that we will always respect your property and protect it from the many mishaps which result from hiring incompetent, unreliable painters.


Watch out for the inexperienced, the untrustworthy, the inebriated, and the college painters in and around the Shawnee on the Delaware region. Many of these promise great work at an impossibly low price for your home, but the quality of work generally works out to be the same as what you paid, downright poor. We often come in to fix other contractor’s work in these situations. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been called to fix a job gone wrong in Shawnee to fix what an incompetent or fly by night painter has messed up or left unfinished. You will find that Vintage Professional’s Painters offer fair prices, and you’ll never be left with a project that is half done or in need of complete redoing to now be painted correctly.

Call us about putting on a fresh new look for your house today by calling the Vintage Pro Painters at 570-236-7623. We’ll be glad to give you a free estimate on your home painting project in Shawnee 18356. We look forward to serving your needs with quality work and attention to detail.